Folklore, food and wine, handicraft: the traditions of the Liguria region represent a varied and rich heritage, all to be enjoyed in order to turn your stay into a beautiful experience.

In this section we give you some advice to lose not the most characteristic appointments and taste its typical local products.


Spring Festival (20-21 March)

Like every year, on the Ghiaia neighbourhood, among fire and songs, spring coincides with the San Giuseppe Day (the saint patron of Genova). The festival is made of two moments: a burlesque one, that reminds the Carnival, and a ritualistic one, with ancient Celtic liturgies.
During the event the Band of sailors and fishermen of Ghiaia, with its loud instruments, drags people to a joyous parade across the city. On this occasion, you can find the “Frisceu”, a sort of tasty salty pancakes, with cod and spring onions, or sweet pancakes with honey and raisin.

Erba Persa (April)

For Easter holidays, the park of Villa Durazzo hosts this great free exposition, that brings together nurserymen, producers of garden objects, herbal items and natural cosmetics, as well as publishing houses specialized in botany. During these days, a large schedule of conferences and projections is planned.

Santa Margherita Festival (20 July)

On the occasion of the patron festival, dedicated to Santa Margherita of Antiochia, every year the city is liven up by stands and fireworks for the celebration!

August Carnival (14 August)

With 20.000 people every year, the evening costume party is considered as one of the most appreciated summer festivals. Organised by some shopkeepers, with the support of the Santa Margherita City Council, the manifestation twists and turns through the city streets with many musical events.

Food and Wine

The culinary tradition of Liguria is characterised by simple dishes, that bring out raw materials from the territory.
Many of the recipes proposed by local restaurants are made of fresh fish, coming from our seas: for example, anchovies, fried or marinated, and the red prawn, a speciality from the Gulf of Tigullio.

Cooking, in Liguria, is also a synonymous for pesto: during your journey, you should taste the famous “trofie”, dumplings of dried pasta, which are unmistakable for your sight and taste and spiced with the incomparable Genoese dressing. We also suggest you to try the “Testaroli”, a first course made of water and flour, very typical of the region.

You mustn’t miss the very famous Genoese focaccia bread, the protagonist of fast meal or happy hours by the sea. In Liguria it is also good for breakfast, with cappuccino or milk: it could seem like an extravagant habit, but we invite you to try it and discover its taste.

Last advice. For the most gluttonous, just a few steps away from our apartments, there is the bakery “Arte Dolce”, specialised in producing the “Margheritine”, a very friable dried shortbread biscuit with the shape of a daisy. It’s made following the traditional recipe… the secret one!
For those who choose to see the hinterland, instead, rabbit “alla ligure”, filled vegetables, “Pasqualina” pie, the “pansoti” with walnut sauce and the “farinata” cannot miss.